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Keeping South Texas Shiny For Over 30 Years!!!

Helping Our Community Shine One Car At A Time.


The Astromatic Car Wash Community Fundraising Program:

  • Raise a large amount of money in a short period of time
  • Your organization partners with a respected well established brand in the Alice area!
  • Requires no cash outlay from your members or treasury
  • Requires no order taking or deliveries
  • Gives your donors something of genuine value in exchange for their contribution.

Does your organization qualify?

Schools, children athletic teams, and their booster clubs, service organizations, churches, and any 501c (3) all qualify for the Astromatic community fundraising Plan.

Once your participation in the Astromatic Fundraising program is confirmed, Astromatic will print vouchers, personalized with name of your organization, and sequentially numbered for control. Vouchers are valued at $10.00 and can be redeemed at the Astromatic Express location (2811 E. Main). At the conclusion of the predetermined sale period your organization returns all unsold vouchers, keeping 50% of the sale price.

Are there any restrictions? Certificates may not be sold below retail price.
Car Wash certificates may not be sold on the car wash premises.
Participation is limited to one month per calendar year.
Minimum 250 certificates.

For additional information contact us at 361-664-9274 or e-mail at

The Astromatic Car Wash Coupon Program: