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Keeping South Texas Shiny For Over 30 Years!!!

Welcome To Astromatic Car Wash!!!

About Astromatic Car Wash

Thanks to our loyal customers and our key employees Astromatic has been cleaning cars in Alice for over 30 years. We have continued to grow over the years through our commitment to customer service, and producing a clean car each and every time. Astromatic Car Wash wants to provide you with a quality car wash experience while giving you the most value for your money.

We offer quality chemicals, combined with hot water to ensure the dirtiest vehicles are cleaned safely and consistently.

Our commitment to our customers at our express exterior car wash is to provide state of the art equipment to ensure that every time you visit us your vehicle will be clean, shiny and dry in 3 minutes or less.

We use computer controlled equipment to measure each vehicle. With this technology we are able to conserve water and electricity, while ensuring our customers receive a quality safe car wash.

Astromatic Car Wash also has self-service locations for cars as well as large commercial trucks. Our self-serve facilities are open 24 hours daily allowing our customers to wash at their convenience. Fleet accounts are available at our Truck wash facility.

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